Blended Realms
Cosplay Adventure Camp
(Alberta, Canada)

Imagine a resort or summer camp where you and your friends live in a spaceship, or a medieval castle, or a magical forest. This place is inhabited entirely by other people excited about crafting and cosplay!

Here, you participate in workshop classes to learn and practice skills in costume making and prop building, which include leatherworking, foam-smithing, electronic design, 3D modeling/printing, plastic forming, and painting/finishing.

And it's not just about creating. You also develop your proficiency in physical activities like axe throwing, rock climbing, archery, and laser tag. Expand your experiences with rocketry, siege-craft, herbology, and chemistry.

In this unique place, you immerse yourself in the life of the characters you create, and experience a world where realms collide.

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A camp like this is going to take a lot of time and money to get started! While we are also looking for additional partners and investors, your dontations will allow us to get this started much sooner, so we can make this fantastic camp a reality.

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"What's with the T.A.R.D.I.S. on your driveway?!"

The TARDIS was initially created simply for the public to enjoy. It remains as such, just in a new location: our driveway in Edmonton, Alberta! Everyone is welcome to come and pose with it for photos (though, please be respectful of our neighbors).

The TARDIS does have lights, which are best viewed at night time, of course. We leave them on until about 10:30pm, and you can get some great photos against the sunset sky (just come up the driveway a bit).

But we really want to draw attention to our market research survey for the cosplay adventure camp we are starting. Fill out the survey! It is actually very short, we promise!